Lamptron FC-2 Rheobus Fan Controller


LamptronIn the world of fan controllers manufacturers such as Zalman, Akasa and Scythe are often the fist port of call for enthusiasts looking to bring some silence to their high end PC systems kitted out with large numbers of fans. However, while most fan controllers do this job perfectly; taming anything from four to eight fans from a single drive bay, certain fans out there such as those available from Delta and Panaflo draw far too much power and can easily burn out a standard fan controller in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, a fairly new player to the scene: Lamptron have brought it upon themselves to produce a rheobus based fan controller capable of taming up to six fans rated at 45w (or 3.75 amps) each. Considering that most standard fans consume less than 0.5 amps and even some of the most powerful Delta fans require less than 3 amps, the Lamptron FC-2 certainly sounds fully equipped to put the likes of the Delta GFB1212VHW and TFB1212GHE monsters back into their cages. However, before we get down to business, let’s see what China based Lamptron have to say about their latest creation:

Fan Controller 2
Rheobus Monster is HERE!

Lamptron Innovative Fan Control/Rheobus-FC2 is a working result of Lamptron end users and Lamptron Design Group.
The Control Panel is CNC milled from blocks of 3/4″ thick solid aluminum.
Each channel supports up to 45 Watts. The knobs are all LED lit a beautiful blue color.
This is the unit to get if you want smooth speed control and you will be adjusting your fans often.
The Lamptron FC2 is meant for the power user that wants the best!

150mm*43mm*73mm (5.25″ Bay)
Power Output: 45 w per channel
Control Channel: 6 Channels
Color Available: Black Anodized/Silver Aluminium
DC Input: + 12V(Standard 4- Pin Connector)
DC Output: 0V- 12V DC
LED Indicator: 10* Super-bright Blue LED
Fan Connectors: 6 pcs

Probably one of the most interesting features about the FC-2 aside from its whopping power output rating is the 3/4″ (19mm) thick CNC milled aluminium front. Whereas most manufacturers seem to be following the trend of shiny black plastic, it’s good to see that Lamptron have focused on quality and styling that will undoubtedly suit high-end aluminium PC chassis much better than cheap plastic.