NesteQ MaxZero Fan Controller

  NesteQ MaxZero Fan Controller



Before we begin introductions are in order. Two of them in fact. Firstly my own, as I join the team at OC3D and bust my reviewing cherry with them. My Name is Gary, I’ve been about a while modding cases and other stuff and generally reviewing my little heart out. I go by G-Dubs on every forum I’m active on so if you see me about be sure to say hi.

The second, and most important introduction we need to make is that of the manufacturer of the item we have on review here. I say introduction because as NesteQ are not a company that’s particularly well known I thought I’d pay their home page a little visit and see what they had to say for themselves.

“NesteQ is a young and creative team, with focus on high-end industrial design and hi-performance power supply manufacturing.

With our outstanding ID specialty, we respond both to general and specific needs from the markets in a powerful and efficient way.

Time and tide wait for no one, so does PC technology, full of challenges as well as business opportunities.

The products conform with current standards are not good enough for us.

We pay special efforts to fulfill the demands from high-tech users. Comfort of using is always a topic for us.

Design is our love in life, and to create revolutionary and high-end products our mission.

NesteQ will keep coming up with sufficient products with creative and revolutionary functions to retain your winning edge in the market”.

Dodgy German to English translations aside I think it’s fair to say these chaps feel a passion for what they do and want to provide products that are nothing but the best.

So with that mission statement in mind let’s see how the NesteQ Max Zero fan controller measures up to NesteQ’s own high standards.

Tech spec.

Dimensions (L x W x H)
Cable length
Connector type

78mm x 148.5mm x 42mm
80cm (fan power cables / temperature sensors)
3-Pin (standard Molex) & PWM compatible


LED (Display)

Display for fan RPM, temperature sensors ( °C ) and security alerts


Rated voltage / power (output)

0, 5, 9, 12 Volt automatic regulation / 0.4A, 4.8W per channel max.

Rated voltage (input)

DC 12 Volt (4-Pin standard Molex)

Model No.



EAN – Code

3 246436 780049