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ASUS ROG Swift PG32UCDM Review


OLED displays have certainly come on apace since they first crept onto the market. For the longest time they were solely the purvey of televisions. Partly because of the expensive, but partly because of the burn in problems. As anyone who owns a first gen OLED display of any sort can attest, burn in is a legitimate issue. Thankfully a few inventions have reduced that probability. With the advances in the OLED design themselves, and these new anti-burn-in technologies, OLED displays have trickled down into the gaming sphere. That isn’t to say there are no things of which to be aware, nor that the price is affordable for the majority, but if you want unbeatable images they are within your grasp.

ASUS naturally have leveraged their Republic of Gamers premium brand towards this end, bringing up today’s review model. The ASUS ROG Swift PG32UCDM. An 32 inch 4K OLED screen with a massive 240Hz refresh rate.

All the benefits of 4K gaming, and also a reasonable panel size, and high refresh rates. It must be our birthday. The middle part of that sentence is important too. Until now OLED monitors are either 27″ 1440P numbers, where you might not get the full benefit of the glorious image. Or they are massive 40″+ offerings that are like being in the front row of an IMAX theatre. Now, with the PG32UCDM being 32 inches, it’s the right size to extract the best image vs size visual filling fantasy. We first glimpsed the Swift PG32UCDM back in August last year, so it’s nice to finally have it on our test desk.

Technical Specifications

PG32UCDM Specifications

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