Gigabyte RTX 4070 Windforce 12G OC Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Gigabyte RTX 4070 Windforce 12G OC Review


Many manufacturers have their own versions of various graphics cards and Gigabyte are no exception.

Whilst at the top of their range sit the Aorus models, the price is aimed at those enthusiasts with deep pockets. We're not saying we wouldn't kill for one of their Waterforce RTX 4090s, we're just saying the only way we could afford one is if we did. For those with more normal levels of funding the Windforce cards are usually where the big sales numbers and affordable price points are to be found, and the newest addition ot their range of Nvidia-based cards - the RTX 4070 Windforce 12G OC - takes this to new levels of customer consideration. How so? It's only listed at the same MSRP as the Founders Edition.

No extra cost for the mild factory overclock. No extra price for the Windforce cooler. MSRP (namely £589). If you've been keeping a close eye on the graphics card market in the past couple of years you'll know that most manufacturers and/or storefronts used the supply chain issues and global lockdown to put prices through the roof. Thus even before we have begun Gigabyte deserve a feather in their cap for swimming against the tide and bringing an updated card without increasing the price at all. Kudos.

Technical Specifications

As you might already be familiar with the specifications of the RTX 4070 from our Founders Edition review, here is how the RTX 4070 GPU stacks up against its predecessors. Certainly if you were saving up for a RTX 3070 Ti then the extra features you get from the RTX 4070 have rewarded your patience.

Gigabyte RTX 4070 Windforce 12G OC Review  

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Most Recent Comments

12-04-2023, 13:18:04

who can't like it just for the 8pin Quote

12-04-2023, 18:36:04

Originally Posted by KingNosser View Post
who can't like it just for the 8pin
Me at £600.

Influencers - "It's the most expensive 70 series card ever. It's fantastic value for money".

Simple equation here. I bought a 6800XT LC OC 7 months ago for £720. That isn't gimped. I could have listened to absolutely every one, saved a whopping £20 a month and not gamed in 7 months.

The world is a very strange place now.Quote

12-04-2023, 18:42:19

yea it's not a great price, for us a side grade and in some ways a down grade, but given nvidias current stack and prices it sure could have been worse.

I'd still not buy it myself as i'd look more towards a 6950xt if i was in need of one atm.

give it a gen or two then i'll upgrade, but i'm being fair it's not the worst card lately from the green team.

Somehow I feel the 4060/ti are not going to be as good at all.Quote

12-04-2023, 19:07:52

Well neither have enough VRAM so they won't be off to a great start.Quote

13-04-2023, 11:12:34

I'm wondering if you can get it to OC to Ti levels.Quote

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