Radeon Super Resolution Tested – Is this AMD’s new Killer Feature?

Radeon Super Resolution Tested - Is this AMD's new Killer Feature?

RSR Performance Impact

When testing Radeon Super Resolution, we decided to look at a game that does not feature a great image upscaling solution out of the gate. Today, we are looking at Total War Warhammer III. In these tests, we used AMD’s RX 6800 graphics card. 

Total War Warhammer III is an incredibly demanding game, giving us an average framerate of 31.4 FPS at 4K Ultra settings within the game’s battle benchmark. Using RSR to upscale 1440p to 4K, framerates jumped to an average of 61.5 FPS. That’s a near 2x jump in performance, and the image quality loss was minimal. 

When compared to Total War Warhammer III’s built-in upscaling solution, RSR delivers higher levels of image quality and higher performance levels. It’s just better. Look at our image comparisons on page 3 to see for yourself. RSR is a godsend for players of Total War Warhammer III. 

Looking at native 1440p performance, we can see that RSR has a minor performance impact. AMD’s upscaling solution has a performance cost, but it is not large enough to be worth thinking about too much. Using RSR using a game resolution of 1440p on a 4K screen can deliver great results. We are very happy with how RSR performs here. 

Radeon Super Resolution Tested - Is this AMD's new Killer Feature?