Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review


Corsair’s RMx series was due for a revamp. A lot of time has passed since 2016, and technology has moved on to allow Corsair to create a better RMx series PSUs for 2021’s PC market. 

Corsair’s new RMx series of power supplies come with a new external aesthetic, an updated fan design and official support for features like Windows 10’s Modern Standby. Outside of that, a lot of Corsair’s RMx series remains the same, such as the series’ 80+ Gold efficiency rating, which remains a laudable efficiency standard.

With a 10-year warranty and a high efficiency rating, RMx PSU users are likely to upgrade every component in their systems before changing their power supply. The RMx has been designed as a long-haul PSU purchase, and official support for features like Modern Standby helps differentiate Corsair’s old and new units. 

One of the main changes to Corsair’s new RMx lineup is its use of a Magnetic Levitation Fan, which uses magnetic levitation bearings and custom rotors to deliver ample cooling performance at ultra-low noise levels. This change is intended to make the RM750x quieter than its predecessor, with the PSU operating with a 0db fan mode until the unit reached 40% of its power capacity (300W).

Noise-wise, the 750W RMx is a quiet unit, much like its predecessors. Corsair has spec’d this unit to run with a 400 RPM fan profile from 300W to 450W loads, keeping the unit quiet under most circumstances. In most cases, the RM750x will not feature the loudest fan in your system. At 100% loads, Corsair rates this unit as producing less than 35dB of noise at almost all times, and you will need a power-hungry system to consume 750 watts and reach this unit’s maximum noise levels.    

Another change to Corsair’s PSU testing regime is run through the Cybenetics testing regime, testing the power efficiency and noise production to gain an official performance rating. Cybenetics hopes to supplant today’s 80+ power supply efficiency standards with a tougher testing regimen, covering noise levels, efficiency and more. Cybenetics have validated Corsair’s performance claims new RMx series PSU, challenging their competitors to put their units through the same testing procedure. In time, we expect more power supply manufacturers to start testing their units with Cybenetics. 

If we are honest, Corsair’s new RMx series power supplies, we aren’t overly impressed. Corsair’s existing power supplies are just too reasonable for the company’s revamped 2021 models to leave us excited. For £129.99, Corsair’s new RMx 750W unit is reasonably priced, and we expect these power supplies to sell in high volumes to systems integrators and consumers alike. 

At OC3D, we have been using Corsair’s RM series power supplies in most of our test systems for half a decade, and the company’s latest RMx series units uphold the company’s high standards. While their new RMx series units may not be breaking new ground in terms of efficiency or ripple performance, they’re still excellent units. Moving higher up the power efficiency curve costs a lot of money, and Corsair’s RMx series is designed to hit a price point.  

While Corsair’s RM750x has not left us wowed, that’s only because its older RMx series PSUs already delivered excellent performance. Corsair’s new and improved RMx units promise to deliver quieter operation with magnetic levitations fans, support for features like modern standby, and an updated design language designed to match Corsair’s aesthetic latest PC case designs. These changes are all positive, but they are not groundbreaking. 

Perhaps the best thing about Corsair’s new RMx series is that lives up to its marketing. Our testing showcased practically identical results to Corsair’s internal testing data, the unit’s ripple remained reasonable, and the RM750x delivered on everything that Corsair promised. Corsair’s new RMx delivers exactly what it’s supposed to, no more, no less. This is a solid power supply, and it has our seal of approval.  

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