Corsair HX850W (850w) ATX PSU

Corsair HX850WThey say that some things get better with age, and in the case of Corsair’s HX series at least I’m inclined to agree. The HX620W was a great PSU, the HX1000W even better. But when it come to designing and building the HX850W Corsair have realy pushed the boat out and delivered something that is truly special.
Right from the word go the HX850w impresses. The packaging, the accessories, the immaculate powder coated finish. It all makes you feel like you’ve got a PSU that is just a little bit better than the rest. Then there’s the flat ‘ribbon cable’ style modular cables. They may have made their first appearance quite some time ago, but they really do look the business inside a PC, and as you’d expect Corsair have provided enough cables to hook up everything from a triple-GPU gaming system to a storage junkies RAID array that would make even Google proud.
But the real star of the show is the performance. Never before on OC3D have I come across a PSU that can laugh in the face of our load testing equipment by deliverying rock solid voltages all the way up to its rated output along while also operating as cool as a cucumber and delivering insanely high levels of efficiency.
Even in the cross load tests that normally bring most PSU’s to their knees, the HX850W continuted to operate as if nothing was happening. Furthermore, the recently introduced ‘Max Load’ test really showed just how powerful the HX850W is with the unit hitting 1084W before starting to show signs of strain.
To cut a long story short, the Corsair HX850W has raised the bar for what consumers should expect from a PSU. No longer do you have to choose between performance, efficiency, looks, price or silence. The HX850W has it all.
The Good
– Extremely high efficiency at around 90-93%.
– Runs so cool, it almost seems like it doesn’t need a fan!
– Excellent voltage regulation on all rails, even in cross load situations.
– Ripple almost non-existant on +3.3v and +5v rails. Also very low on +12v rail.
– High quality internal components.
– Great modular connector system with plenty of sexy ‘flat’ style cables.
– Well packaged. Hardly any chance of damage during shipping.
– Delivers so much more than what it says on the box. 1084W to be precise!
The Mediocre
– Would quite like for hard-wired cables to use the same ‘flat’ style cables as the modular connectors.
The Bad
– Nothing at all
In recognition of the HX850W’s outstanding performance Overclock3D is pleased to award the unit our highly coveted Best In Class Award in the PSU class of 850-1000W.
Overclock3D Best In Class Award

Thanks to Corsair for sending the HX850W in for review. Discuss this review in our forums.