Enermax PlatiGemini 1200W PSU Review

ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO in one PSU – Meet the Enermax PlatiGemini

Meet the Enermax PlatiGemini

We visited Enermax when we were at CES2024, and at their booth we saw the most interesting power supply of the event, the PlatiGemini 1200W. When it comes to power supply standards, manufacturers tend to support one or the other. Never before have we seen a power supply that supported both the standard ATX12V and ATX12VO standards out of the box. This makes the PlatiGemini a versatile unit, allowing users to switch from an ATX12V to ATX12VO system without needing to change their power supply.

ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO on a single power supply

ATX12VO stands for ATX 12V Only. This standard does away with the need for 5V and 3.3V and exclusively uses 12V power. With this standard comes different motherboard connections, and without their 5V and 3.3V rails, ATX12VO PSUs cannot support traditional ATX12V systems. With the PlatiGemini, Enermax supports both the ATX12V and ATX12VO standards, allowing it to be used with both types of system. This means that this PSU does feature 5V and 3.3V rails that will simply be unused with ATX12VO systems.

Yes, the ATX12VO standard isn’t that popular amongst DIY PC builders, but the standard has its advantages. We looked at the ATX12VO standard back in 2021, and we found that it had the potential to deliver notable power savings for users. As governments set higher efficiency standards for computers, the ATX12VO standard may grow in popularity, and the PlatiGemini is ready for that transition.

Enermax PlatiGemini PSU Specifications

The Enermax PlatiGemini 1200W is an 80+ Platinum Rated power supply with a semi-fanless design, ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 certification, and 100% Japanese capacitors. At up to 60% loads, this power supply will run with its fan disabled, and only activate it under higher loads. This PSU also has a Cybenetics Platinum efficiency certification.

This power supply is designed to handle power surges of up to 235% for short durations. This is much higher than most older PSUs, as this high power surge/excursion threshold was mandated by the new ATX 3.1 standard.

The PlatiGemini ships with fully modular cables, all of which are sleeved. This PSU also ships with a 27-piece cable comb kit, which will allow users to keep their cable management in order and make their PSU cables look incredibly neat.

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