OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013

OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013


Deciding upon an extreme specification is always the hardest part. Anyone could just throw money at the problem until they had a specification bloated with high-end, super expensive hardware. That’s all well and good if you’ve recently won the lottery, but hardware changes so quickly that you would be out of date by the time it all arrived. What we want is to certainly have a system with incredible amounts of performance, but one that would also make sense. You want someone to look through your specification and nod appreciatively, not just assume you are rich and brought the best of everything.

Compared to our previous Athena system this one has the biggest changes of our updated list. We’ve changed the LGA2011 motherboard in preparation for the next batch, and gone too are the HD7970 Crossfire cards. So what have we got this time?

If you’re looking at the top end you still need a hexcore CPU, and the Core i7-3930K is the one to beat. Couple this to two of the best graphics cards on earth, the GTX780, and you’re already annihilating the performance of any other choice. With the storage we’re sticking to our Neutrons for the moment. Otherwise it’s similar to our previous model. A good case and PSU will always be so, and there isn’t anything yet to displace them. We love the low pricing of the Kingston Beast, and the heat-spreader beautifully matches our Black Edition Rampage IV Extreme.

So all in all you’re getting a hugely powerful system for just a touch under £3300. Given that we’ve water-cooled our graphics cards as well this time it’s obviously going to be more expensive than our air-cooled HD7970 setup from before. Sure it’s expensive, but we don’t think you’ll need to upgrade for a long while.

Hardware Price (with link)
Intel Core i7-3930K C2 £371.99
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition
2x Gigabyte GTX780 £479.00 ea
2xXSPC GTX780 Waterblocks £94.99 ea
Corsair AX1200i £259.99
2x Corsair Neutron 256GB £179.99 ea
16GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHz
Corsair Obsidian 900D £299.99
XSPC Raystorm D5 EX360 £262.99

Corsair Obsidian 900D                                      ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition

OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013     OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013

Gigabyte GTX 780 XSPC                                        GTX 780 Waterblock

OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013     OC3D Recommended Systems August 2013   

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