ASUS reveals their ROG Delta II Gaming Headset at Computex 2024

Have a look at ASUS’ new ROG Delta II Gaming Headset

At Computex 2024, ASUS has been showing off a huge range of new ROG accessories. Alongside their new Azoth Extreme keyboard and Harpe Extreme mouse, ASUS had a new ROG gaming headset to show us in the form of the Delta II.

Design-wise, the Delta II is similar to its predecessor, but it has a lot of upgrades under the hood. For starters, the headset features to 50mm titanium-plated diaphragm drivers, a refined sound signature, and a battery life that can be a long as 110 hours.

Using ASUS’ SpeedNova wireless technology, ASUS claims to offer users audio delivery that is up to 27% faster than the competition. This reduced audio latency ensures that audio is delivered to users quickly, which is great for any games that have audio cues that players need to listen out for.

ASUS has promised users of their ROG Delta II headset a battery life of up to 110 hours, though we will note that using the headset’s RGB lighting will lessen lower this.

With tri-connectivity, users of the Delta II can use Bluetooth, SpeedNova, or wired 3.5mm connections. With DualFlow Audio, users of this headset can simultaneously listen or switch between bluetooth and SpeedNova connected devices. The headset also features a 10mm Super-Wideband Microphone to deliver natural sound to listeners.

ASUS has confirmed that their new ROG Delta 2 gaming headset will be available sometime in Q3 2024. Currently, ASUS has not revealed their planned pricing for this audio headset.

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