Sabrent reveals a Docking Station for Valve’s Steam Deck and other USB-C devices

Sabrent reveals a Docking Station for Valve's Steam Deck and other USB-C devices

Sabrent’s DS-SD6P is ready for your Steam Deck, iPad, tablet and phone docking needs

Sabrent has today revealed their DS-SD6P docking station, a 6-port USB Type-C docking station that’s compatible with Valve’s Steam Deck, iPads, Tablets, Mobile phones and other USB Type-C devices. The docking station is Power Delivery 3.0 compatible, and cn deliver up to 95 watts of power to connected devices.   

For devices that support DisplayPort Alternate mode (DP Alt), Sabrent’s DS-SD6P docking station can support up to 4K 60 Hz display output though HDMI 2.0. 

Sabrent has designed their DS-SD6P docking station with Valve’s Steam Deck in mind, taking care to not block any of the system’s air intakes to ensure optimal cooling while providing enough input/output options to turn Valve’s handheld into a full-on PC through the system’s Desktop mode. Below is a list of the input/output options that are available through Sabrent’s DS-SD6P docking station.

Input/output options

– 3x USB Type-A
– 1x USB Type-C Output (For Device Connectivity)
– 1x USB Type-C Input (for device connectivity)
– 1x USB Type-C Input (with Power Delivery (PD3.0 ready))
– 1x HDMI 2.0 Output (4K 60 Hz Compatible)

Sabrent reveals a Docking Station for Valve's Steam Deck and other USB-C devices

Sadly, Sabrent has not revealed their official pricing for their DS-SD6P docking station at this time, though we expect this dock to be priced competitively with other similarly spec’d Steam Deck Docking solutions. 

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