CaseLabs is reportedly coming back from the dead

CaseLabs is reportedly coming back from the dead

CaseLabs is now under new ownership, reviving the much-loved case manufacturer

Back in 2018, we reported on the closure of CaseLabs, the much-loved manufacturer of hyper-enthusiast PC cases. This closure came due to the loss of a major CaseLabs client and rising material costs due to increased import tariffs and domestic material shortages. Now, it looks like the CaseLabs brand is getting revived, thanks to the acquisition of the company’s assets by a new owner, Emil Rytterstedt. 

Thanks to an exclusive report by Gamers Nexus, who have spoken to CaseLabs’ new owner, a lot of new information has come to light. Currently, CaseLabs’ new management is working to bring its original case lineup back into production, though this effort is more challenging than it sounds. 

Trial and error will be required to recreate CaseLabs’ original case designs. While CaseLabs’ new owners have access to the company’s original designs, there are no instructions on how to fold parts into their final state. As such, it will take some time before CaseLabs can start reproducing its iconic enclosures. 

Below is what CaseLabs’ new owner had to say to Gamers Nexus. 


    The immediate plan is to bring the original line-up back into production, which will not be an easy task. The parts will be in a flat, unfolded, state and there is no instructions for how to fold the parts so me and my manufacturers […] will have to work out how to fold each individual part.

The most important thing to me is that the spirit of CaseLabs is maintained no matter what new products I release. I want to keep the same level of quality and craftmanship and, where it is possible, modularity as before CaseLabs went bankrupt. I’m a firm believer in the right to repair and keeping it simple for the end user. Existing and future products from CaseLabs shall reflect that.

CaseLabs is reportedly coming back from the dead  

While it is excellent news that the CaseLabs brand is getting revived, it remains to be seen whether or not this new and renewed CaseLabs will continue its predecessor’s legacy. While we are looking forward to hearing more about CaseLabs in the future, there are many stumbling blocks that CaseLabs will have to get past before the brand is truly revived.      

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