Danamics LM10 Hits E-Tailers

Danamics LM10 Hits E-Tailers
Remember this thing?  Danamics’ announcement of the first liquid metal cooler, the LM10, immediately raised interest among enthusiasts.  The hope was that it provide high-level cooling at a reasonable cost.  Well the cooler is now available at various European e-tailers.
Unfortunately, the hope of a relatively low cost will not be realized.  The Danamics LM10 goes for €280 at Dutch e-tailer HighFlow, which is approximately £235.  Considering you can get a high-end watercooling setup at this pricepoint, the LM10 better perform extremely well at near-silent noise levels.
Danamics LM10 Specification
Product name: Danamics LM10
Heat sink material: Nickel-plated aluminium
Tubing material: Nickel-plated copper
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: L135mm x H172mm x D69mm
Weight: 900g (heatsink only)
Fan-option: 120mm fan (25mm thick)
Ambient operating temperature range: 0°C to 45°C
Liquid Metal type: Sodium Potassium* (NaK)
* Please read the security instructions in this document carefully. For further information contact Danamics.
Pump power draw: With Return Power: Pump magnet info: Neodymium Block Magnet
Gauss Rating: 13200 (~ 1.3 Tesla)
Approximate pulling force: 27 lbs (~12,25 kg)
Motherboard component clearance height: 55mm
There is also an accessory available for the LM10: the Danamics PowerBooster.  This device fits into a 3.5″ bay and can be used to increase the power to the electromagnetic pump, theoretically increasing the performance.  This boost comes at a price though, going for over a third of the cost of the cooler itself at €100.
Dimensions: L146mm x H52mm x W101mm
Weight: 600g
(Notice that the PowerBooster fits a 3.5” PC drivebay.)
Power connection: Standard IDE-hard drive connector
Power input: 12V DC ±1V
Current output: 30A ±2A
Operating temperature range: 0°C to 45°C
I don’t know about you, but I’ll still be eagerly awaiting review results to see if the performance justifies the cost.  Hopefully in time, we’ll see the price drop to more reasonable levels.
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