Hyte had a lot to show us at Computex 2024

Have a gander at the Hyte Booth at Computex 2024

HYTE is relatively new to he PC market, appearing out of nowhere to set the PC market on a new course. It is rare to see a new PC case and accessories manufacturer become this popular this quickly. That’s a testament to the quality of their products, and their ability to deliver products that are different from the norm.

We’ve visited the Hyte Booth at Computex 2024, and the company had a lot to show us. For starters, we have the new Y70 Touch Infinite PC case. We’ve already written about this case, but for the uninitiated, it is a new and improved version of the original Y70 Touch. For starters, it has a new 14.5-inch screen. This screen is larger and has a reduced dot pitch compared to the original. This makes the screen look sharper than before. Beyond that, the screen is brighter and boasts a higher contrast ratio. Additionally, the new screen has a faster pixel response time, making the screen more fluid and reactive. All-in-all, the Touch Infinite is a solid upgrade. Better still, the screen is available as a standalone upgrade option for Y70 non-touch users.


Next up we have the THICC P60 Duo, a new version of Hyte’s THICC P60 heatsink. It features Hyte’s new THICC FP12 Duo fans, and features a 52m thick liquid cooling radiator. This allows this 240mm cooler to outperform most 360mm all-in-one liquid coolers. Nice!

Next up, we have Hyte’s new 32mm thick THICC FP12 Trio fans. These fans are basically multiple 120mm fans within a single surround. This means that they only need one cable for power, simplifying cable management. These dans are 32mm thick, allowing them to deliver more airflow and static pressure. In other words, these fans can push a lot of air, and can push more air at lower noise levels than traditional 25mm thick fans.

Meet the THICC Q80 Trio

At Computex 2024, Hyte are taking their CPU coolers to the next level with their new THICC Q80 Trio liquid cooling solution. This new model features a 52mm thick 360mm liquid cooling radiator, a new fan system, and other improvements.

Like the THICC Q60, its larger counterpart features a 5-inch Ultraslim IPS display that features a qRGB array on its rear. When compared to the Q60, the Q80 Trio will feature a second generation cold plate design. This improved cold plate will feature 50% higher skived fin coverage, and upgrade liquid flow paths to lower CPU temps by an additional two degrees.

With this new liquid cooler, Hyte are promising users the “highest performance-to-noise” ratio on the market. The cooler will use Hyte’s new 32mm thick THICC FP12 Trio fans. At launch, this cooler will be available in Pitch Black and Panda colour schemes. The Q80 will also act as a Hyte Nexus primary node. This will allow it to support up to 18 connected devices on a single channel, or 36 across both available channels.

Custom Persona 3 PC Case and Desk mat

Persona 3 Reloaded is released earlier this year, and it is a fantastic remake. ATLUS and HYTE have joined forced to create the ultimate PC case for this new game release. This case is due to ship in February and will ship with a collectible, limited-edition metal Fool Arcana card and carrying tin. Early purchases of this custom case will also come with a wall scroll.

HYTE’s Persona 3 Y60 case is available to order here.

Custom Watson Amelia PC case and Desk mat

I’m not going to pretend that I know what Watson Amelia is. I honestly have no idea, and Googling the matter has only left me more confused that I was before. All I’m going to say here is that this is a great looking branded PC case, and that HYTE has done a great job creating it. The HYTE x hololive_EN collab has successfully produced a number of custom cases, with the Watson Amelia being the latest to be announced.

Currently, this Limited Edition case is available to order on Hyte’s website as part of a bundle that includes a desk mat, a wall scroll, a keychain, a push a notepad and other accessories.

Hyte has made some solid additions to their product lineup at Computex 2024. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how their new THICC 360mm liquid cooler performs. Will it be the best liquid cooler on the market? The original 240mm model was a strong performer, but will the extra rad space push this new model over the edge?

You can join the discussion on Hyte’s Computex 2024 booth on the OC3D Forums.


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