Hyte launches their Y70 Touch Infinite PC case and Y70 display upgrade kit

Hyte has launched their next-generation Y70 Touch chassis and new Y70 colour and upgrade options

Hyte’s original Y70 Touch chassis was insanely popular, so much so that they exhausted the world’s supply of the LCD screens they used to make it. For the next generation of Y70 Touch, Hyte needed to rethink their design and deliver a display upgrade option to non-Touch case owners. Now, Hyte is ready to reveal their y70 Touch Infinite case.

With their new “Infinite” model, Hyte are using a new 14.5-inch screen design. This screen features a resolution of 688 x 2560, lowering the screen’s resource usage over the original while increasing its compatibility. Furthermore, the screen’s larger size and reduced dot pitch makes the screen larger and sharper looking, despite the resolution drop. Add on this screen’s 17% brightness boost and 25% higher contrast ratio, and it’s clear that the new Y70 Touch Infinite screen is a solid upgrade over the original. Finally, this new screen has a 50% faster pixel response time, giving users a smoother, more fluid visual experience than before.

Aside form the new screen, the new Y70 Touch Infinite is the same as the original Touch. Above, you can see the new Y70 Touch Infinite screen upgrade. This can be used to upgrade standard Hyte Y70 cases the new “Touch Infinite” experience. This screen upgrade is now available from the Hyte website for £199.99/$199.99.

Alongside their new “Infinite” case model, Hyte has revealed three new colour options for their Y70 chassis. This includes Strawberry Milk, Taro Milk, and Blueberry Milk colour options. All three options are now available to order from Hyte for £219.99/$219.99.

We reviewed the original Hyte Y70 Touch last year, and we loved it. This new model delivers the same solid case as before, but with a new screen.

You can join the discussion on Hyte’s new Y70 series announcements on the OC3D Forums.

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