HYTE Y70 Touch PC Case Review

Introduction – Meet the HYTE Y70 Touch

A bigger case with a bigger screen – Meet the Hyte Y70 Touch

Last year we reviewed the Hyte Y60, and we loved it. Yes, the case had its issues, but if you worked around them you could build a beautiful system with it. Today, Hyte have launched their new Y70 Touch chassis, and it takes their existing Y60 design and levels it up. The Y70 is bigger, it can fit larger liquid cooling radiators, and it is designed to accommodate much larger graphics cards.

The headline feature of the Y70 Touch is its inclusion of a touch screen display, a feature that is unique to the HYTE Y70. Users can use this screen for shortcuts, to display system information, or to simply display animations. The screen is versatile, and it has a lot of potential.

Today, we will be looking at the Hyte Y70 in depth. Get a cup of tea ready, we have a lot to talk about.

Hyte Y70 Touch Colour Options

At launch the Y70 will be available in four colour options. There is an all-black model, an all-white model, a hybrid black/white model, and a red/black model. All four models ship with an integrated touch screen, and all models ship with a PCIe riser card.

Specifications and pricing

Like its predecessor, the Y70 is a dual-chambered case that supports motherboards that are up to EATX in size. With its increased volume, the Y70 can accommodate thicker liquid cooling radiators, and more fans. Out of the box, this case doesn’t ship with any fans. This means that users will need to buy their own fans and configure this case’s airflow pattern optimally.

In the UK, the Y70 Touch will cost £349.99, and in the US and Europe the case will cost $359.99 and €399.99 respectively. The Y70’s integrated touch screen is what makes this case expensive, but this screen is also the cases killer feature.

Hyte’s competitive comparison

One of the first things to note about the Hyte Y70 Touch is that it is almost the same price as their Y60 chassis when you add on its LCD DIY upgrade kit. For an extra $10 you get a larger case that supports larger GPUs, thicker radiators, and a higher resolution screen with touch capabilities.

Another thing that we will note is that the screen that used in the Y70 Touch is very expensive. If you try and buy a similar screen standalone, you will likely be spending over £200. £349.99 is a great deal for a case with one of these screens integrated.

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