ASUS TUF BTF System Build


It’s not often in the world of technology that we get a massive shift in philosophy. Perhaps the last one that springs to mind is ray-tracing in games. Before that it was the move from mechanical to solid state storage. It was probably USB before that, although we’re willing to listen to suggestions.

Suffice to say that big changes are rare. The newest one, and the one we think will ‘stick’, is BTF. We’ve already seen a B series chipset version of the BTF system. It’s a very cool way of making your rig look much neater. With the release of the ASUS TUF Z790-BTF motherboard there is now a full fat Intel chipset option. A perfect time to gather together some ASUS white hardware and build a rig, methinks.

Of course the BTF setup, with all the motherboard connections on the back of the PCB, requires a specific case. The ASUS TUF GT302 is designed to work with both regular and BTF motherboards. With both the motherboard itself and the chassis being part of the ASUS TUF range, you can understand why this review is called what it is. If you’ve never experienced a BTF build before then you might wonder what all the fuss is about. That’s what we’re hoping to demonstrate. Never has a build looked so clean.

We’ve a lot to cover, partly because you need specialist hardware, so let’s crack on.

Build Specs

Case : ASUS TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB
Motherboard : ASUS TUF Gaming Z790-BTF
PSU : ASUS ROG Strix 1000W Aura White Edition
GPU : ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti Super
CPU Cooling : ASUS ROG Strix LC III 360 ARGB AIO
Memory : Kingston Fury Beast DDR5
Processor : Intel Core i9-14900K

You can find all the Asus hardware listed above and more information on BTF here:


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