ASUS TUF BTF System Build


Without needing to fight with any cables around the front it’s simple to build a BTF system. We’d even go so far as to suggest it’s easier than a regular one. Everything plugs in around the back, where you’re not squeezing your fingers amongst expensive hardware in tiny gaps.

Build 1

Grab your cable ties and get to work. Thankfully – for us – we’re using the TUF RTX 4070 Ti Super, so we’ve only got a single 12pin power connector rather than three 8 pin PCIe ones. It’s still spaghetti hell around the back.

build 2

We said before about needing to be very careful when routing your cables, and although the above gives you an overview, the following two pictures make things clearer. Because the GT302 has so many holes, but so few covering grommets, you have to be incredibly neat. Otherwise you’ll start negating the point of a BTF system.

build 3 build 4

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