PCSpecialist Fuse S Review

Introduction and System Specifications

PCSpecialist Fuse S Review


Regular readers of these hallowed pages will know how we often talk about system ‘weight’. By which we mean how much you spend on certain components. Generally, assuming you’re not still on a mechanical hard drive with DDR2, the list is as follows. GPU, CPU, Cooling, Storage, Memory, Motherboard. By which if you spend more on a graphics card you’ll get the biggest reward in performance. And so on down the line, until you reach motherboards where going from a base B760 to a ROG Extreme Z790 will hardly bring much real world performance. Yes you get lots of other benefits, just nothing measurable.

We often discuss how important it is to know your use case. A lot of the systems we’ve had from PCSpecialist are aimed at gamers. Because you can use, for example, a Core i3-13400 and still have enough performance to satisfy the needs of a RTX 4080. Today’s system, the Fuse S, eschews the idea of leaning towards gamers, and instead puts its eggs in the productivity basket. It’s still a gaming beast, be in no doubt. Just if you’ve ever looked at one of their pre-built system specs and wished for more CPU power, the Fuse S will be right up your street.

It’s important to note if the specification below has piqued your interest, the Fuse S is currently at a special price of just £1799 until 21st April. So you’ve got enough time to check out our review, but it’s an impressive setup on paper for that price and unlike most PCS Systems when you put your order in and wait for them to build it, this is available for next day delivery if you order before 3pm! It’s like spotting something on Amazon Prime and all the fun that entails. No need to buy something and spend days looking longingly out the window trying to manifest a delivery person. Just buy it and PCSpecialist will have this exact system at your door before you finished downloading a AAA title of your choice. Awesome.

Let’s take a look at it in the flesh.

System Specifications

CPU : Intel Core i7-14700KF
CPU Cooling : PCS Frostflow 240 ARGB AIO
Motherboard : ASUS Prime Z790-P
Graphics Card : Nvidia RTX 4070 Super
Memory : 32GB Corsair Vengeance 5600MHz
Storage : 2TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2
Power Supply : Corsair 750W RME
Case : PCS Lumin ARGB Mid-Tower
Operating System : Windows 11

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