ASUS TUF GT302 BTF Chassis

ASUS TUF BTF System Build

ASUS TUF GT302 BTF Chassis

Having gathered all your BTF hardware together, you need a case. The ASUS TUF GT302 is specifically designed to run with this backwards orientation.

TUF GT302 1

Certainly there is plenty of ventilation built in. Everywhere you look on the GT302 there are holes. That gap in front of the PSU cover looks like a perfect place to install some LEDs. We love the subtle TUF branding.

TUF GT302 3

It’s supplied with four 120mm RGB fans. You don’t get a controller, but you do get RGB splitters so you can plug it into your ecosystem.

TUF GT302 5

I often reference the giant monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey. What’s the white equivalent? It’s a beast, either way.

TUF GT302 6

The holes are all there for the motherboard you saw before. The placement of them is broad enough to suit a selection of BTF motherboard designs, although it’s perfect for our Z790 TUF. As you’d expect being under the same roof. We have to say if we were installing a regular motherboard it would need MUCH better covers than it has. It’s clearly a BTF case that happens to support regular orientation, rather than one designed for both.

TUF GT302 9

The PSU might not have a rubber grommet, but we’d be nit-picking to complain about that. Especially as we’ve already seen how attracting the Strix PSU is. With three fans you get a lot of airflow to keep everything cool. The bottom front fan pushing air through the PSU shroud is a nice touch too and will help your cooling.

TUF GT302 8

Lastly, the front panel has all the connectivity you would expect from a modern case design. The rear shot shows how much cable the GT302 has by default, before you’ve built a rig. Those with poor cable routing skills need not apply.

TUF GT302 7 TUF GT302 10

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