Finished Build

ASUS TUF BTF System Build

Finished Build

Pretty isn’t it.

TUF BTF Finished 1

By removing all the power cables from the front of your graphics card, you get the cleanest possible aesthetics.

TUF BTF Finished 3

Lots of pretty lighting. You can also see how generally understated the TUF range is. We like it. It’s much subtler than some of the shoutier ROG products.

TUF BTF Finished 4

We need to do something about that ugly blanking panel on the right though. Why on earth isn’t it flat? It spoils the whole effect. Spoiler alert, we do something about it. Check out near the end of this review.

TUF BTF Finished 5

We do have to say that the Z790 TUF-BTF having a CPU fan header at the front does spoil things. We’re sure there must be a reason why, but it’s darn annoying. Normally it’s the part of your rig you notice the least. Now, as it’s the only cable you can see, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

TUF BTF Finished 2

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