Scythe New Thermal Elixer G Thermal Paste promises “superior performance and long-term stability”

Scythe New Thermal Elixer G Thermal Paste promises

Scythe announces its new Thermal Elixer G Thermal Compound

Scythe has just launched a new thermal paste called “Thermal Elixer G”. This next generation thermal compound from the Scythe uses a proprietary formula that’s designed to deliver “superior performance and long-term stability.”

With an MSRP of $15 in the US for a 3.5g syringe of their Thermal Elixer G compound. This value prices it competitively with other high-end thermal interface materials. That said, it remains to be seen how it Scythe’s new Elixer formula compares to other brands.

Scythe New Thermal Elixer G Thermal Paste promises

Thermal Elixer G is a non-corrosive, non-electrically-conductive thermal compound. These properties all Thermal Elixer G to be used on CPUs and GPUs without presenting risks to your hardware. Scythe estimates that an application of their thermal compound will withstand at least five years of use when used on a CPU.

Below are Scythe’s specifications for their Thermal Elixer G thermal compound.


– Model Number: SCTEG-1000
– Thermal Conductivity : 11 W/m-K
– Thermal Impedance : 0.01°C -in/W
– Viscosity : 600k Cps
– Temperature : -20°C / +120 °C
– Capacity : 3.5 g
– Content : 3.5 g syringe, spatula, cleaning wipe

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