AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU Names, and Pricing Leaked through Retailer

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU Specs, Pricing and Clock Speeds Leaked through Retailer

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Names, and Pricing Leaked through Retailer

The Singaporean retailer Bizgram has released a product catalog which features a wide range of AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation processors, their names and retail prices. 

On the high-end AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation processors will allegedly offer up to 16 cores and 32 threads, at least according to existing rumours/speculation. On the high-end, AMD is also expected to release a Ryzen 9 branded processor called the Ryzen 9 3850X, which allegedly offers sixteen cores and thirty-two thread. When pricing is converted from Singapore Dollars, the Ryzen 9 3850X costs around £425/$561 at Bizgram, though this conversion does not consider factors like sales tax or VAT. 

It is worth noting that these processor names perfectly match existing leaks from AdoredTV (link), making it possible that this Singapore retail listing is copying leaked material for promotional purposes. On the other hand, they may have received this information independently from another source. That said, AMD is unlikely to disclose the retail pricing of any product that is months away from launch, as their pricing must be based on the competitive landscape at the time of launch, which is always subject to change. 

Other recent leaks have placed the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation processors at Computex 2019, with a launch later in 2019. Below are the prices that are covered by the Bizgram listing as well as previously leaked specifications for each processor. 

CPU Cores/Threads GPU Base/Boost Clock TDP Price Sing. S$ Price US Price UK
Ryzen 3 3300 6/12 N/A 3.2/4.0GHz 50W  S$151 $112  £85
Ryzen 3 3300X 6/12 N/A 3.5/4.3GHz 65W S$196  $145 £110 
Ryzen 3 3300G 6/12 Navi (15 CU) 3.0/3.8GHz 65W S$196  $145 £110 
Ryzen 5 3600 8/16 N/A 3.6/4.4GHz 65W S$271  $200 £151
Ryzen 5 3600X 8/16 N/A 4.0/4.8GHz 95W S$349  $257 £195 
Ryzen 5 3600G 8/16 Navi (20 CU) 3.2/4.0GHz 95W S$303  $224 £170 
Ryzen 7 3700 12/24 N/A 3.8/4.6GHz 95W S$455  $336 £255
Ryzen 7 3700X 12/24 N/A 4.2/5.0GHz 105W S$501  $369 £280
Ryzen 9 3800X 16/32 N/A 3.9/4.7GHz 125W S$684  $504 £382
Ryzen 9 3850X 16/32 N/A 4.3/5.1GHz 135W S$760  $561 £425


Just to be clear, this leak appears to be bogus, taking the names from leaked specs lists that originated before AMD revealed their Ryzen 3rd Generation series of processors at CES 2019. In all likelihood, these product listings are placeholders, as AMD would never release final product prices this far before launch, as such decisions are often made very close to launch based on current market conditions. 

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU Specs, Pricing and Clock Speeds Leaked through Retailer  

AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation products are expected to offer a significant performance leap over today’s Ryzen and Ryzen 2nd Generation products, providing performance and efficiency improvements thanks to both the company’s Zen 2 core architecture and their use of TSMC’s 7nm process node. 

AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation processors will release with PCIe 4.0 support and be compliant with today’s AM4 motherboards, all thanks to AMD’s ongoing commitment to their AM4 socket. AMD’s rumoured increase in AM4 core counts are not expected to have a negative impact on existing motherboards, thanks to both the increased efficiency of their Zen 2 core design and their use of TSMC’s leading-edge 7nm lithography node, though it is likely that newer X570 series motherboards may be required to access the full potential of Ryzen 3rd Generation processors. 

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