AMD’s Zen 5 Ryzen 8000 series CPUs reportedly enter mass production

Zen 5 Ryzen mass production news suggest Summer launch plans

At CES 2024, AMD did not discuss their next-generation Zen 5 CPU architecture. Instead, AMD focused on on their new Ryzen AI products and their new Radeon RX 7600 XT. Now a report from hardware leaker @kepler_L2 has claimed that AMD’s next-generation “Granite Ridge” CPUs have entered mass production. “Granite Ridge” is AMD’s codename for their Zen 5 based Ryzen 8000 series of processors.

If this report is accurate, it is likely that AMD will launch their Zen 5 Ryzen 8000 series processors at Computex. If this is the case, we can expect these new CPUs to be available at retailers this summer. These CPUs will be available on AMD’s AM5 motherboard platform, and will be compatible with existing AMD 600 series motherboards.

AMD has previously stated that Zen 5 is a “new grounds-up microarchitecture”. Zen 5 will focus on boosting the performance and efficiency of AMD’s CPU product lines and feature a re-pipelined front-end and wide issue. AMD has also promised integrated AI and machine learning optimisations with Zen 5.

At this time it is unknown how powerful AMD’s next-generation Zen 5 CPUs will be. However, during the company’s Q3 2023 earnings call, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su did state that their next-generation Zen 5 Turin (EPYC) CPUs would deliver “significant performance and efficiency gains”.

Right now, it looks like AMD’s Zen 5 enhancements come from IPC (instructions per cycle/clock) improvements than rising CPU clock speeds. This means that AMD’s performance gains with their Zen 5 architecture could very greatly on a workload-by-workload basis. Higher core CPU clock speeds can benefit all workloads, but IPC enhancing architectural improvements only accelerate workloads that benefit from these improvements.

The release of Zen 5 based Ryzen and EPYC processors will be a big deal for AMD. This is AMD’s opportunity to catch Intel at a time of relative weakness, as Intel’s latest selection of desktop CPUs are simple refreshes of their last-generation Raptor Lake processors.

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