Der8auer lowers Ryzen 3rd Gen thermals with innovative new CPU Mounting Bracket

Der8auer lowers Ryzen 3rd Gen thermals with innovative new OC Mounting Bracket

Der8auer lowers Ryzen 3rd Gen thermals with innovative new CPU Mounting Bracket

AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series broke a lot of rules of CPU design, and ultimately, these changes have paid off for AMD. Ryzen 3rd Generation processors are performance powerhouses, offer consumers a lot of value and has forced Intel to rethink its entire product lineup. 

With that said, AMD’s multi-die architecture does have its downsides, especially when it comes to thermals. While these downsides aren’t a big deal for most PC builders, they can be annoying for high-end users and overclockers.  

Fear not, because Der8auer has a fix for you. Once again, Der8auer has invented a new tool that will help PC builders get lower thermals from their Ryzen 3rd Generation processors, assuming that you are water cooling your system. 

The Problem

Unlike traditional CPU designs, AMD’s “CPU hotspot” for Ryzen 3rd Generation processors isn’t at the centre of their integrated heat spreader (IHS), thanks to AMD’s use of multiple dies for its processors and its separation of I/O and CPU-core components. 

Basically, AMD’s CPU hotspot for Ryzen 3rd Generation processors is off-centre, which means that CPU coolers aren’t mounted in their ideal location. This problem is only compounded when you consider that this CPU hotspot can move depending on which Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU (AM4) that you buy; as this depends on whether or not it ships with one or two active CPU dies. 

Meet der8auer’s RYZEN 3000 OC Brackets

Both custom and Closed-loop Liquid Coolers (CLCs), or All-in-One (AIO) cooler, lack the ability for users to change the mounting position to account for changes in your processor’s hotspot. But what if you could modify your cooler’s mounting system to make this possible? This is where Dar8auer steps in. 

Der8auer has created mounting kits for both All-in-One and custom liquid coolers to allow PC builders to perfectly align their CPU coolers to deliver optimal thermal transfer rates. These kits ship with two variants (depending on your chosen cooling solution) and are now available at Caseking for €29.90. 

While most PC builders will be happy with the performance of their current cooling setup, Der8auer’s mounting bracket upgrade enables its users to take things one step further in the name of lower thermals. 

Der8auer has stated that this bracket will help to minimise sudden temperature spikes and lower the average and maximum temperatures of your Ryzen 3rd Generation processors. That said, it is worth noting that not all AM4 motherboards are directly compatible with this solution, with some board designs requiring minor alterations to his custom mounting solution.

More information about Der8auer’s custom OC AM4 mounting brackets is available on his website. 

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