Intel cancels discontinuance of a 22nm processor from 2013 amid supply issues

Intel confirms CPU shipment delays as production shortfalls continue

Intel cancels discontinuance of a 22nm processor from 2013 amid supply issues

In a confusing move, Intel has decided to revive 2013’s Pentium G3420, a 22nm processor which has been discontinued for several years. Intel cites a new “roadmap decision” as a reason behind this change, but at this time it remains unknown exactly why Intel has decided to revive a product that’s over six years old. 

One reason could be Intel’s current supply issues. If Intel cannot create enough 14nm and 10nm processors to meet demand, why not add some 22nm silicon into the mix? This product will likely only see use in the OEM market, as we do not see any system builders investing in Haswell and Intel’s LGA 1150 platform anymore, especially given the Pentium’s dual-core nature, use of DDR3 memory and its lack of hyperthreading.

When considering Intel’s supply issues, it makes sense that the company would prioritise the sale of its larger, higher-margin products. Even so, the Pentium G3420 isn’t exactly competitive within today’s CPU market, especially when AMD’s latest Athlon APUs can deliver products like the Athlon 3200G for under £50. As such, the revival of the Pentium 3420G will not have a major impact on the CPU market as a whole. 

Our guess is that Intel will use these processors to help plug its supply gaps in China and emerging markets, which should help free up some of its 14nm supply. Regardless of what way you look at this, Intel looks desperate. 

   Reason for Revision: Cancelling this Product Discontinuance completely per new roadmap decision and enabling the product long term once again.   The Intel® Pentium® Processor G3420 product listed in the Products Affected/Intel Ordering Codes table will not be discontinued.  

Intel cancels discontinuance of 22nm processor amid supply issues

The question here is why Intel’s latest roadmap would call for the revival of a 22nm processor from 2013? I guess we will have to wait a while before we find out. 

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