LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G

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DFI has almost readied its long awaited RD600 motherboard, and a few pictures of the board have already been leaked to an online source. The new motherboard will carry DFI’s established LANParty UT branding and cater towards enthusiasts. Reportedly the board is named LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G.

Early images show the LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G with three PCI-Express x16 and three PCI slots. Two PCI Express x16 slots will be full speed with sixteen lanes routed to each slot. The lane configuration on the third slot is unknown, though it most likely has around four lanes like other motherboards equipped with three PCI Express x16 slots. With its three PCI Express x16 slots it appears the DFI LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G is ready for ATI’s triple-play physics for hardware accelerated physics processing. (DailyTech, 2006)

Other notable features include dual onboard Gigabit Ethernet, UV reactive slots and integrated high definition audio. As with previous LANParty UT motherboards, the LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G uses DFI’s Karajan audio module which moves the audio codec off of the motherboard PCB

DailyTech has suggested that we should start seeing this motherboard in stores within a month or two, with support for Intel’s Conroe Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. At the moment, there has been no mention of expected pricing on the motherboard, but upwards of US$200 has been mentioned.

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