More Phenom II Details Revealed

More Phenom II Details Revealed
A few days ago, we reported that AMD’s Phenom II CPUs were expected to be released some time in January.  Well now we have a few more details about the launch.  The first Phenom II processors are expected to launch on January 8th of next year.  Now get this: they will be called the X4 940 and the X4 920.  Those numbers look familiar?  Whether this was intentional or simply a coincidence, there’s little doubt there will be some confusion will be had on forums when people are asking what processor they should get.
An assortment of additional quad- and tri-core Phenom II processors will be released the next month in February.  According to a roadmap slide, these are expected to last at least through the third quarter of next year.  A number of lower-level Athlon quad-, tri-, and dual-core processors will also begin showing up around the middle of the year.
Now perhaps the most interesting slide revealed, at least to enthusiasts, is the one giving details about the Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition.  On this slide, we can see a graph of AMD’s claimed overclocking potential of this chip.  It shows a possibility of up to 4.0GHz on air cooling, and the ability to push even further on water.  If these numbers turn out to be true, it looks like AMD is definitely moving in the right direction to get back into the game against Intel.
AMD’s upcoming lineup seems to be shaping up fairly well.  Perhaps AMD will soon be able to turn things around against Intel like they did with their ATI HD 4000 series against Nvidia.
Think AMD is starting to pull themselves together in the CPU arena?
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