MSI Throws in Direct OC on its P55 Motherboards

MSI Throws in Direct OC on its P55 Motherboards
Three Direct OC buttons on the P55 make overclocking easyMSI wants to make life easy for overclocking enthusiasts; the motherboard manufacturer has introduced a new Direct OC feature on its upcoming P55 motherboards. Three OC buttons on the motherboard would allow overclockers to squeeze the best out of their systems.
Overclocking is generally a process achieved by tweaking around with the BIOS or through a Windows-based tool. In general, it requires a good understanding of the dynamics of your system and so, is not exactly the stuff for everyday computer users. But with the new P55 motherboard from MSI, things might be a bit different.
Designed for Lynnfield and Clarkdale processors, the printed-circuit board features three new buttons – a plus, a minus and an OC Genie. Pushing either the plus or the minus button would tweak your system’s base clock in 1MHz increments or decrements respectively. If however, you prefer to let the system handle things on its own, just put your finger on the OC Genie and the genie will fulfil your wish by pushing your processor to the maximum.
Neat isn’t it? You might say Asus has a better option in its ROG OC Station, but then, that is an entirely different system. A Direct OC feature right on the motherboard would not hit your pocket that hard. Plus, MSI’s recent introduction of the “V-Kit” feature in all of its P55 motherboards makes this addition a perfect one.
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