Redditor uses a 4kg chunk of copper to cool an i9 processor

PC user uses a 4kg chunk of copper to cool an i9 processor

Can you cool a CPU with a chunk of copper? Yes, yes you can  

A Redditor called “That-Desktop-User” has utilised a block of copper as a fanless heatsink to cool an Intel i9 processor, keeping the CPU at 35-degrees at idle and at around 80-degrees under load. 

This hunk of copper was salvaged from an old medical machine, containing pre-threaded holes and a brass filter on the inside. That-Desktop-User has speculated that these holed could be used to add liquid cooling to this copper block, allowing them to improve the cooling potential of this near 4kg chunk of metal. 

PC user uses a 4kg chunk of copper to cool an i9 processor

The incredible thing about this unorthodox cooling setup is how unreasonably effective it appears to be. This “heatsink” does not feature much surface area, but it is able to keep an i9 processor at around 80-degrees under load. With modifications, even better thermals could likely be achieved.

The huge thermal mass of this copper block is likely what’s keeping That-Desktop-User’s i9 processor cool under load, and it is unknown how this well crazy heatsink solution would work when presented with large, sustained loads. That-Desktop-User only tested his copper heatsink for 15 minutes under load, and it is likely that longer loads could overwhelm the large thermal mass of this chunky copper heatsink. It is likely that an i9 processor would add heat to this copper heatsink faster than it can dissipate it to the air around it, resulting in climbing temperatures for the copper block and higher CPU thermals.

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