Sneak peek at the ASUS P6T Deluxe

Sneak peek at the ASUS P6T Deluxe ASUS P6T Deluxe
XFastest has managed to get their hands on an image of ASUS’ X58-based P6T Deluxe motherboard for Intel’s soon to arrive Bloomfield CPU’s. Please bear in mind that this is definitely an engineeering sample of the motherboard, and that changes may occur between now and when it’s released, but you’ll get the idea.
High performance will be improved with the built-in memory controller , which supports DDR3-1333 memory with capacity up to 25,6 GB/s. ASUS P6T deluxe support also SAS technology (Serial attached SCSI) . The latter will allow users to connect SAS disks with high perforance (in PC mark test SAS-HDD are faster than SATA- analogs by upto 39% in the regime RAID 0) .
The ASUS P6T according to the image still uses ASUS’ 16-phase power for increased stability, with ML capacitors showing on the NB and MOSFET area.We can see the inclusion of the extra bank of Dimm slots for Intel’s triple channel DDR3. Interestingly the near obsolete floppy connector has taken a trip to the bottom edge of the motherboard and the onboard battery now appears at the top right hand corner, obviously due to real-estate constraints.
Now we just need to wait for Bloomfield to roll into town.
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