AMD partners with Arena AI to enhance next-gen GPU performance and optimisation

New AI tools are expected to make future AMD Radeon GPUs faster and more efficient

AMD have announced that they have partnered with Arena AI to enhance their product testing and optimisation efforts. Specifically, Arena’s “Arena Atlas” AI toolset will be used with next-generation AMD Radeon graphics cards. These tools will help AMD test and optimise their future Radeon products.

These new tools are designed to help AMD create more powerful and efficient Radeon products. Furthermore, they will also allow AMD engineers to be more productive by allowing them to focus on other tasks. This should enable accelerated product development times, and potentially allow AMD to create more performant graphics cards.

Atlas’ AI tools are designed to help AMD to run autonomous testing and tuning jobs for future Radeon GPUs. In the future, Atlas should also be able to help with debugging, root cause analysis, and eventually, help AMD design better chips.

Arena, a developer of specialist AI foundation models, today announced a collaboration to scale AMD’s deployment of Arena Atlas, the world’s first AI test & optimization product for the latest process node semiconductor technology.

Over the course of 2023, AMD and Arena piloted Atlas for AMD Radeon GPU testing and optimization. By quickly and autonomously identifying power and performance optimizations, AMD engineers can focus on other tasks, enabling increased productivity and accelerated product development. Atlas adds AI facilitation to the semiconductor configuration and testing process, enabling better and faster devices for consumers and professionals.

AMD has been working with Arena AI over the course of 2023 on future Radeon products. This means that Arena AI was likely used optimise AMD’s Radeon RDNA 4 product line. As a result of AMD’s use of autonomous AI testing, AMD’s RDNA 4 GPU lineup should be better optimised than the company’s prior Radeon offerings. Obviously, this is great news for gamers, as more stronger AMD GPUs increase the competitiveness of the GPU market.

You can join the discussion on AMD’s collaboration with Arena AI on the OC3D Forums.

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