AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease

AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease

AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease


AMD’s R9 Nano has just received a price decrease and are now available for £389.99 at Overclockers UK, a decrease from its original UK price of £509.99.

In the US this is a price decrease from $649 and all the way down to $499, which is a 23% decrease in price for the GPU. 

This price decrease makes the R9 Nano much more price competitive with the GTX 980, making this low power performance powerhouse a much more viable purchase, opening this GPU to more than just the small form factor enthusiast. 


AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease  AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease


The R9 Nano is easily the most powerful GPU for it’s size and has no real competition in the ITX form factor, though with it’s old price there were other solutions that provided much higher performance per dollar. 

Now at the price of £389.99 this GPU can be considered against the GTX 980 in terms of performance and price, giving it a much larger chance of getting purchased by gamers, which is great for this GPU. 

Hopefully we will see this price decrease soon at other retailers. 


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