Bye bye brown! Modder creates an ASUS X Noctua RTX 40 Chromax Edition graphics card

Here’s what an ASUS X Noctua RTX 40 Chromax Edition GPU would look like

Last week, ASUS revealed their RTX 4080 Super Noctua Edition GPU, and its colour scheme is divisive. With strong Noctua cooling and its claims of being the “quietest air-cooled graphics card of its class”, this GPU is certain to appeal to those who value low noise levels. Even so, its colour scheme is is a put-off for many customers, like all Noctua products that use the company’ traditional brown/beige colour scheme.

Matt Lee, a YouTuber and Filmmaker, has created a custom ASUS X Noctua RTX 40 series Chromax Edition GPU. This custom GPU replaces the standard NF-A12x25 fans of standard Noctua Edition GPUs with their Chromax Black counterparts. We can also see the addition of Chromax branding at the end of the GPU. Additionally, Matt Lee has also added a new black “ASUS X Noctua” sticker on the side of the GPU.

Honestly, we live the monochrome nature of this modded graphics card. It’s almost criminal the ASUS and Noctua haven’t made a Noctua Chromax Edition graphics card yet. Simply put, an all-black Noctua GPU would be much more appealing to PC gamers than today’s Noctua Edition GPUs. Yes, we know that Noctua are famed for their brown/beige colour scheme, but that doesn’t mean a Noctua Edition GPU shouldn’t be available in black.

With its huge cooling solution and quiet noise levels, ASUS’ Noctua Edition graphics cards are easily come of the best custom RTX 40 series graphics card models available. With this Chromax mod, Noctua Edition GPUs can also be some of the best looking RTX 40 series GPUs around. Come on ASUS and Noctua, make Chromax Edition graphics cards happen! We need this to be an official product!

You can join the discussion on the hypothetical ASUS X Noctua RTX 40 Chromax GPU on the OC3D Forums.



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