Generous overclocking limits allows ASUS’ ROG Strix RTX 4090D to best an RTX 4090

Overclockers bypass the RTX 4090D’s limits to surpass Nvidia’s RTX 4090

Nvidia released their RTX 4090D graphics card in China to comply with US export restrictions. Now, ASUS appears to have made these restrictions meaningless thanks to their RTX 4090D and its 600W power limit. Overclockers can now overclock ASUS’ RTX 4090D to deliver RTX 4090-beating performance.

US export restrictions prevent GPUs above a certain performance threshold from being shipped to China. Nvidia’s RTX 4090D features fewer CUDA cores and a 425W power target. These settings place the RTX 4090D just below the US’ performance limits.

With ASUS’ 600W overclocking option (as uncovered by HKEPC), ROG Strix RTX 4090 users can overclock their graphics cards to deliver performance levels above Nvidia’s RTX 4090. This allows users of this GPU to effectively bypass the US’ export regulations and achieve RTX 4090 performance levels.

Most RTX 4090D graphics cards have restrictions in place to prevent GPU overclocking. However, there are RTX 4090 models that lacks these limits, allowing users to set higher power limits and boost GPU clock speeds.

Now that is it known that some RTX 4090D GPUs are overclockable, it is likely that these GPUs will become highly sought after in China. After all, the US’ performance restrictions will prevent more powerful GPUs from coming to market. That means that Nvidia’s RTX 5090 will likely never be release in restricted regions.

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