Here’s where you can but an RTX 4080 SUPER at MSRP

Here’s where you can grab an RTX 4080 SUPER at MSRP on day-1

Nvidia’s RTX 4080 SUPER graphics card is now available. If you have seen our review for Nvidia’s MSRP RTX 4080 SUPER GPUs, you will know two things. First, that it’s much cheaper than the RTX 4080 that it replaces. Second that it gives gamers an notable performance boost.

In the UK, Nvidia’s RTX 4080 SUPER has launched with an MSRP of £959.99. We have been talking to our industry sources and we have gotten links to several 4080 SUPER graphics cards that are available at Nvidia’s MSRP price. This is the lowest price that you will be able to purchase an 4080 SUPER GPU for at launch.

Our list of UK MSRP graphics cards includes ASUS’ TUF Gaming model, Zotac’s Trinity Black Edition model, Palit’s Jetstream model, and Gainward’s Panther model. Links to these graphics cards are below.

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Overclockers UK

While Nvidia’s new RTX 4080 series graphics card may not offer gamers a huge performance uplift, it’s reduced price makes it a welcome addition to Nvidia’s GPU lineup. Nvidia have effectively given the RTX 4080 a £200 price cut and a small performance bump. Both of these changes are good for consumers.

Overall, Nvidia’s RTX 40 SUPER range of graphics cards have greatly improve the competitiveness of their GPU lineup. All of these new models give gamers more value for money. While we would like to see a SUPER refresh for Nvidia’s lower-end GPU lineup, that does not seem to be on the cards right now. Well, at least not right now.

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