Installation 01 – a PC exclusive Halo game – January Update

Installation 01 - a PC-exclusive Halo game

Installation 01 – a PC-exclusive Halo game


For many years Halo fans of PC have been crying out for a new game, but the franchise remains under the Xbox divisions tight grip. yes we have been Given Spartan Assault on the Windows store and on Steam, but that is nowhere near the same as the First person shooter that we all know and love. 

Halo’s multiplayer is something that PC gamers have wanted to replicate for many years now, but now we may finally be getting that with Installation 01, a community made arena-based FPS which plans on merging the best aspects of Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3 into a single game and provide a new single player experience for PC gamers to enjoy. 

Below is the January 2016 update from the game developers, highlighting some major changes that have been made into the game, including completely redesigned netcode to enhance network performance and integrated LAN support. 

The game has also had a new character control system implemented into the game, allowing animations to easily blend together making characters to move more smoothly/realistically and has greatly improved FPS controls when using a mouse.  

At the end of the trailer the developers shows off a lot of the new art assets which includes the classic Halo pistol and Alien Combine. 



Installation 01 is a PC-exclusive Halo game being developed by a small, talented group of fans. Our goal is to return Halo to it’s core, arena-based multiplayer, finding the perfect balance between Halo: CE, 2 and 3. However, make no mistake: we have an intricate story-mode planned for the lore-lovers, as well.

What is Installation 01?
Installation 01 is a PC-exclusive Halo game that will be 100% free-to-play. Our goal is to deliver a true Halo-experience on the PC platform that will be accessible to as many people as possible. The game is extremely early in development, so there aren’t many details I can share with you. But you can expect me to update you along the way. A public beta is planned for the future. Date undetermined. Truthfully, this game is made FOR the fans. Our 19-man team is extremely talented and dedicated, and are making this game with a unified love of Halo.



This project started a long time ago, but now the developers have released their first gameplay trailer for Installation 01, showcasing some traditional Halo maps and gameplay. Please remember that this game is still in a very early state and a lot of work and polish is still required for this game to be completed. 


Installation 01 - a PC-exclusive Halo game  


Below is a FAQ from the developers of the game, telling us about the legality of this project and letting us know how long it will be until the game will be released, or at least playable. 


Q: How much will Installation 01 cost at launch?

A: Free. We’re not legally allowed to make a profit off of this, and why would we charge you in the first place? This is our gift to the Halo community.

Q: What game modes will be in Installation 01?

A: Currently we have a campaign and multiplayer, and firefight-esque mode planned. Things can always change, but these features are basically set in stone. If you were referring to gametypes, expect standard Halo gametypes such as CTF, Slayer, ect.

Q: Why does your game look like it was made in 2002?

A: It is an early build. None of this represents the final product.

Q: Will the campaign be canon?

A: We have some of the top Halo-experts working on the campaign to ensure we don’t break any of the established canon. Stay tuned for story-related details!

Q: When is this being released?

A: Short answer: 8-12 months, no promises. 

Long answer: We’d like to include several well-made maps and a solid arsenal of weapons and gamemodes in our first open beta build. Depending on how many more artists and programmers join the team, we are looking at an 8-12 month wait until our first publicly available build. However, there will be more trailers and information released as we progress, and hopefully the teaser trailer we just released will serve as a shining beacon to talented folks in the fan community. The more the merrier, keep reading for information on how to help. 

Q: Is this legal?

A: We are abiding by Microsoft’s Fair Use Policy and their Game Content Usage Rules.…
Everything in the game is fan created and can be legally downloaded and distributed in accordance with the Game COntent Usage Rules. We are not out to make any money, even to cover costs. The work is all a labor of love, our team gets nothing in return except the satisfaction of making the ultimate Halo tribute, and some portfolio building. 


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