Intel adds their BGM-G21 “Battlemage” GPU to their LLVM project

Intel adds Battlemage discrete GPU support to their LLVM project

Intel are preparing to launch their next generation of discrete graphics cards. These new GPUs will utilise the Intel Battlemage GPU architecture, which should deliver major improvements over their existing Alchemist-powered graphics cards.

As part of an update to their LLVM project, Intel has added support for their BMG_G21 “Battlemage” graphics card. This is an upcoming discrete GPU from Intel that is due to launch later this year.

Sadly, Intel has not revealed exactly when they will be launching their next-generation graphics cards. Intel are likely trying to avoid the extended hype cycle that surrounded their ARC Alchemist GPU launch. Expectations were set too high, and Intel are likely trying to avoid the disappointment that “Overhype” can cause with BMG_21.

(Intel LLVM project – GitHub)

Right now, we do not expect Battlemage to compete within the high-end GPU market. Intel are unlikely to create an RTX 5090 competitor. Even so, we expect Battlemage to compete within the mid-range GPU market with improved drivers and an improved graphics architecture. Even so, it remains to be seen how much Intel’s discrete GPU technology has improved.

You can join the discussion on Intel’s upcoming Battlemage GPUs on the OC3D Forums.

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