Palit showcases their Lync+ liquid cooled RTX 4090 at Computex 2024

Palit’s concept RTX 4090 has a 7-inch screen, and that isn’t the interesting bit

Palit has revealed an interesting new concept GPU that brings together an Nvidia RTX 4090, a 7-inch LCD screen and support for Lync+ modular liquid cooling. This is the first graphics card that features a customisable screen that’s this large, and that isn’t even the most interesting aspect of this GPU.

This concept GPU was developed by Palit and Lync+. With Lync+, this graphics card supports a wide range of custom liquid cooling products. In theory, users can upgrade to a new Lync+ graphics card without needing to change their liquid cooling setup. All users need to do is disconnect their AIO from their graphics card and connect it to their new GPU. As a result, there is no need to buy a new liquid cooling radiator/pump combo unit.

Alternatively, users can upgrade their GPU’s all-in-one liquid cooling setup without changing their graphics card. That’s a welcome change from most AIO cooled GPUs, which tend to be non-upgradable. That said, would you want to upgrade your GPU’s cooler if you existing one still worked?

A look at Lync+

Below you can see this graphics card’s Lync+ connector. Users just need to slot it in and secure it. Super simple. Note that the connector has a screw, preventing any unwanted disconnects.

In theory, there is nothing that’s stopping the Lync+ concept from being adapted for both CPU coolers, motherboard monoblocks, or other liquid cooling products. As of now, this product focuses on liquid cooled GPU market. Even so, there is the option for further expansion into other areas of the liquid cooling market.

Throughout all of Computex 2024, Palit’s concept RTX 4090 graphics card has been running without any issues. No leaks, no hassle, no glitches. It just worked.

What Palit has showcased is a potential future of the GPU market. This future is one where modular liquid cooling is available to the masses. GPU and cooling upgrades are relatively easy, all thinks to the modular nature of Lync+. However, it is unclear if any GPU manufacturers will fully embrace this concept. Regardless, we think the Lync+ concept is a great idea.

You can join the discussion on Palit’s Lync+ RTX 4090 concept graphics card on the OC3D Forums.

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