RTX 4090D (Dragon) specifications detailed – Only Tensor Cores Reduced

Tensor Cores Reduced, Gaming Performance Maintained – Meet the RTX 4090D (Dragon)

Thanks to US export restrictions, Nvidia are no longer allowed to ship RTX 4090 graphics card to China. To circumvent this ban, Nvidia has created a new RTX 4090 model called the RTX 4090D (Dragon). This graphics card complies with the US’ export restrictions by lowering the AI performance of their flagship gaming GPU.

Now, thanks to a report from Chiphell user “nApoleon”, we may now know the specifications of Nvidia’s RTX 4090D (Dragon) graphics card. Gaming-wise, Nvidia’s new GPU is said to be unchanged from the company’s original RTX 4090. The only change that Nvidia had made was to decrease the Tensor core count of the GPU. This means that only the graphics card’s AI/tensor performance has decreased

Only the tensor core has been castrated, and the rest remains unchanged

While Nvidia has designed their new RTX 4090 Dragon model to offer the same levels of gaming performance as its predecessor, it reduced Tensor core counts will impact the performance of DLSS Super Resolution, DLSS Frame Generation, and other Tensor-heavy workloads. As such, original RTX 4090 GPUs should still deliver a small performance advantage in AI-assisted gaming workloads.

Earlier reports about Nvidia’s RTX 4090D graphics card claimed that the GPU would feature a lowered TDP and restricted overclocking support. These restrictions are unconfirmed. However, restricted overclocking support would prevent overclockers and Nvidia’s AIB partners from pushing past the US’ AI performance export limits.

Nvidia has not released any official marketing information for their RTX 4090 D (Dragon) graphics card, though we expect an official announcement sometime in the near future.

You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s China-only RTX 4090D on the OC3D Forums.

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