Sony is developing a PS4 to PC streaming app

Sony will create a PS4 to PC streaming app

Sony is developing a PS4-to-PC streaming app


Sony Worldwide Studios’ president Shuhei Yoshida has announced that Sony will be working on a first-party PS4-to-PC streaming application. Yoshida confirmed that the Japanese company is developing a remote-play tool of sorts on his personal Twitter account.

Yoshida wrote that ‘some people asked if [they] were planning to provide Remote Play function to PC.’ After which he confirmed that they were, indeed, working on an official application. He followed by stating that the app will come to both PC and Mac, and ended his tweet with a smiley face.



PS4-to-PC streaming functionality could be great news for game streamers. With this tool, you might be able to use broadcasting software like OBS to stream PS4 games. PS4 does come with game streaming functionality out of the box, but the software does not support things like Twitch overlays and stream alerts. It could also mean that Sony will finally release drivers for the DualShock 4, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

 Sony will create a PS4 to PC streaming appWill this mean Sony will release drivers for the DualShock 4?

Interesting is the fact that another developer, Twisted, announced that they would be working on a similar, third-party app just five days ago. Sony’s announcement will probably be bad news for that project.

No launch date has been announced yet, but we imagine it won’t launch until 2016, or even 2017.


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