The future of DLSS? Nvidia CEO teases new AI features for games

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang teases new AI features for gamers – The future of DLSS?

What is the future of AI for gamers? Nvidia already has their DLSS technology for Super Resolution (AI upscaling), Frame Generation, and Ray Reconstruction. Now, Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, has hinted at a potential future for AI gaming. he states that AI will be able to “generate textures and objects”, improving the image quality of games. This brings AI much deeper into games than Nvidia’s existing DLSS tech.

Additionally, Nvidia are teasing AI generated characters for games, and the potential of G-Assist, the company’s AI gaming assistant. Nvidia clearly sees a lot of potential for AI in games, both for game development and gamers themselves.

Q: AI has been used in games for a while now, I’m thinking DLSS and now ACE. Do you think it’s possible to apply multimodality AIs to generate frames?

A: AI for gaming – we already use it for neural graphics, and we can generate pixels based off of few input pixels. We also generate frames between frames – not interpolation, but generation. In the future we’ll even generate textures and objects, and the objects can be of lower quality and we can make them look better. We’ll also generate characters in the games – think of a group of six people, two may be real, and the others may be long-term use AIs. The games will be made with AI, they’ll have AI inside, and you’ll even have the PC become AI using G-Assist. You can use the PC as an AI assistant to help you game.  GeForce is the biggest gaming brand in the world, we only see it growing, and a lot of them have AI in some capacity. We can’t wait to let more people have it.

– Via More than Moore

While Nvidia sees AI as a potential game-changer for game developers and gamers, this form of AI generation could be a problem. Is Nvidia trying to substitute human creativity with AI asset generation? Do gamers want to have AI NPCs in their games? Nvidia’s ACE digital humans tech is interesting, but do we want a game filled with these characters? Would they even fit believably within a fictional world?

You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s plans to bring more AI enhancements to gamers on the OC3D Forums.

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