Turtle Beach has entered the Controller and Gaming Simulation Hardware Market

Turtle Beach has entered the Controller and Gaming Simulation Hardware Market

Turtle Beach has entered the Controller and Gaming Simulation Hardware Market

Turtle Beach is diving deeper into the gaming accessories market, announcing a new lineup of Xbox Gamepads and their new VelocityOne Flight simulation control system for Xbox and PC. 

With its new VelocityOne flight system, Turtle Beach plans to take advantage of the growing popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator and take advantage of the game’s upcoming  Xbox Series X/S releases. 

With Turtle Beach entering the input devices section of the gaming accessories market, consumers will be offered even more choice than before and gain access to gamepads and other devices that provide a deeper experience within supported titles. 

With the Velocity One, Turtle Beach plans to offer gamers a strong flying experience across PC and Xbox Series X/S. With their new Recon Controller, Turtle Beach wants to offer gamers a premium audio experience and additional input options to Xbox and PC gamers. 

What follow’s is Turtle Beach’s Press Release.  Turtle Beach has entered the Controller and Gaming Simulation Hardware Market

Turtle Beach Press Release

Leading gaming accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation today announced its entry into two large and rapidly growing gaming accessory markets – game controllers and gaming simulation hardware. At E3 2021, the Company revealed two groundbreaking products developed under its best-selling Turtle Beach brand and provided details for the all-new Designed for Xbox Recon Controller and VelocityOne Flight simulation control system. Turtle Beach’s entrance into the controller and gaming simulation hardware markets present two major opportunities for the Company to expand its reach by leveraging its strong brand and reputation for creating high-quality gaming hardware.


These new products will provide gamers and simulation fans with first-to-market features and innovations designed to elevate their experiences. The Recon Controller is the first to pair Turtle Beach’s signature audio technology with game-winning controls. VelocityOne Flight is the complete flight control system, developed in collaboration with aeronautical engineers and pilots to deliver the most immersive, authentic, and modern PC and Xbox flying experience on the market.

Turtle Beach has entered the Controller and Gaming Simulation Hardware Market  

We’re putting the same expertise and energy that’s made us the best-selling gaming headset maker for the past decade-plus into creating controllers and simulation hardware that benefits gamers with a better experience as we continue expanding our business to deliver on our long-term growth objectives,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “These two new accessory segments add another $1 billion of global addressable market, with third-party gamepad controllers at roughly $600 million, and PC/console flight simulation hardware adding roughly $400 million in global market. Both of these markets are growing rapidly, and our entrance with these first products will be the start of an expanding portfolio into other adjacent PC simulation hardware categories.”

Stark continued, “We’ve grown our award-winning ROCCAT PC accessory portfolio and revenues significantly since expanding into the PC category with that acquisition roughly two years ago. Given that success, the exciting portfolio of Neat Microphones launching this year, and this expansion into the large game controller and gaming simulation hardware markets, I expect we could approach – or even be over – $100 million in revenues outside our historical core console headset business next year.

“The Recon Controller lets gamers connect any wired 3.5mm gaming headset and provides exclusive Turtle Beach audio technology like our custom-tuned audio presets, and Superhuman Hearing, which is our patented audio setting that helps you hear enemy players before they hear you, among other features. The Recon Controller is sleek, feels great in your hands, and is the perfect companion to the millions of Turtle Beach headsets being used by our fans playing on Xbox.”

Stark added, “Microsoft’s Flight Sim 2020 astonished gamers and flight sim fans alike with its stunning visual quality when it debuted on PC last year, and with the game coming to Xbox Series X|S this summer, we believe it will fuel a wider audience of gamers to explore flight simulation. As a pilot and flight sim enthusiast myself, after seeing the incredible visual realism of the game early last year and being very familiar with the existing hardware in the market, I knew we could design a better, more integrated and modern flight control product that flight sim enthusiasts would want. We hired a team with deep experience in flight sim hardware and developed a fully integrated system that works with Xbox and PC and provides everything a new flier needs, along with the capability and features that hardcore flight simmers want. For the great price of $349.95, there’s nothing else like it.”

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