G.Skill showcases ultra-fast DDR5 memory tech at Computex 2024

G.Skill pushes to deliver faster, lower latency, DDR5 memory modules at Computex 2024

We visited G.Skill at Computex 2024, and one thing is clear. G.Skill is working hard to boost the speeds of their DDR5 memory kits and give PC builders the best memory performance.

At the show, G.Skill had a live demo build with a DDR5-10600 kit running on a Ryzen 5 8500G processor and an ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Gene motherboard. Nearby, there was a 48GB (2x24GB) DDR5-9000 kit with CL38-52-52-143 timings. This kit will be making it to market soon, and was tested with an Intel i9-14900K processor with an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard.

G.Skill are working on fast CAMM2 DDR5 memory kits

Like MSI, G.Skill are exploring the benefits of CAMM2 DDR5 memory modules. On an experimental ASUS ROG Z790 Lengshuikeng Concept motherboard, G.Skill showcased DR5-7600 speeds with CL36 timings using an early CAMM2 memory module.

Should the CAMM2 standard be adopted by motherboard manufacturers, G.Skill stands ready to deliver overclocking-ready CAMM2 modules to PC enthusiasts.

G.Skill Project Alpha Concept PC Case

G.Skill doesn’t just make DRAM. The company also manufacture PC cases, accessories and other products. At Computex 2024, the company revealed their Project Alpha Concept case. This case is highly modular, supporting both ATX and BTX motherboards. The case can also be modified to support an inverted motherboard layout, and has plenty of intakes for airflow.

This case design comes from the legendary Mike Peteryns, the amazing PC case modder who is also known as MPcustomized online. You can see some of his other work here. Mauro, your Dad wants you to know he’s so proud of you. We want you to know he talks about you a lot when he’s away at shows like these.

Like most modern PC cases, the Alpha supports back-connect motherboards. Additionally, it supports three 360mm liquid cooling radiators (up to 55mm thick). This makes the Alpha ideal for high-end liquid cooled PCs

Sadly, G.Skill could not confirm if their Alpha case concept would make it into production. Honestly, we live this design and hope that it gets its time to shine on the PC case market. It is refreshing to see a case design that isn’t just a standard ATX box. I can see a lot of beautiful PCs using this case. Let’s hope that this case doesn’t remain as a concept.

You can join the discussion on G.Skill’s Computex 2024 booth on the OC3D Forums.

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