Samsung boosts future PCs with the world’s fastest LPDDR5X memory chips

Samsung improves all aspects of their LPDDR5X memory with their new 10.7 Gbps chips

Samsung are pushing their LPDDR5X memory technology to the limit. This has allowed them to create new memory chips that are faster, more efficient, and more memory dense than ever before.

With 10.7 Gbps memory speeds, Samsung claims to have created the industry’s fastest LPDDR5X memory. With these new chips, Samsung has also boosted their chip capacities by 30%, and their chip power efficiency by 25%. Now, Samsung can offer users 32 GB of LPDDR5X DRAM on a single package, which is great news for companies who plan to use these chips for AI processors, or gaming-oriented mini PCs or handhelds.

For context, these new memory chips are almost two times faster than the LPDDR5 used on Valve’s Steam Deck. Valve’s original Steam Deck uses 16GB of LPDDR5-5.5Gbps memory. That said, the Steam Deck OLED features faster 6.4 Gbps LPDDR5 memory.

With 10.7 Gbps LPDDR5X memory, it is possible for products to be created that have access to a lot more memory bandwidth than today’s systems. This is great news for any potential Steam Deck successor, or any other LPDDR-powered PC. Furthermore, these faster LPDDR5X chips are great for Apple, who uses LPDDR memory chips with their M-series processors.

While JEDEC are working to create their new LPDDR6 memory standard, LPDDR5X will remain the best memory standard for mobile computing solutions. This will remain the case for some time. Samsung plans to mass produce their new 10.7 Gbps LPDDR5X memory chips in the second half of this year.

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