SK Hynix begins volume production of its HBM3E memory

SK Hynix’s HBM3E memory enters volume production

Seven months after announcing its development, SK Hynix has started to mass produce its HBM3E memory. This new memory will deliver boosted performance to users, expanding upon the success of HBM3.

HBM3E memory is powering the latest AI technologies. Nvidia has already announced that their new Blackwell B200 AI GPU will utilise HBM3E memory. This memory helps to provide the raw bandwidth needed to power the latest AI workloads, allowing Nvidia to deliver a huge generational leap in performance.

With their HBM3E memory, SK Hynix has has promised bandwidth levels of 1.18 TB/s per chip. For context, that is enough bandwidth to process over 230 full HD movies (5GB each) per second. That’s nuts! Additionally, SK Hynix has created their new HBM3E memory with improved heat dissipation technology. This gives their HBM3E a 10% improvement in heat dissipation performance.

(Nvidia’s new B200 Blackwell AI GPU uses HBM3E memory)

A large supply of HBM3E memory is required to feed the world’s need for AI computational power. Nvidia will certainly need a lot of it to produce its new B200 Blackwell chips in large volumes. Nvidia’s competitors will also need access to a large supply of this memory to compete with them. Memory bandwidth is a vital part of all AI computational devices, making HBM3E a hugely welcome technological innovation.

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