SK Hynix HBM3 Memory Will Deliver 819 GB/s speeds and up to 24GB capacities

SK Hynix HBM3 Memory Will Deliver 819 Gbps speeds and up to 24GB capacities

SK Hynix’s HBM3 Specifications are utter madness!

SK Hynix has announced that they have developed HBM3 memory modules, an industry first. HBM3 is currently the world’s fastest DRAM technology, offering users extremely high data rates and large per module capacities. When combined with their small form factor and low power use, HBM3 memory features a lot of appealing characteristics to users

With per module capacities of 16GB and 24GB and per-module bandwidth levels of 819GB/s, HBM3 offers users larger capacities and 78% more bandwidth than HBM2E. For context, Nvidia’s RTX 3080 offers users 760 GB/s of memory bandwidth with 10GB of GDDR6X memory over a 320-bit memory bus. A single HBM3 module can provide users with more bandwidth and much higher memory capacities than GDDR6/GDDR6X-based solutions, and HBM memory solutions often use more than one HBM memory module. 

Memory bandwidth is critical for many semiconductor products, especially within the data centre, machine learning, and high-end FPGA/ASIC markets. This factor alone makes HBM3 memory a worthwhile investment for most major semiconductor companies. You can be sure that we will see new machine learning products with HBM3 memory over the next few years, as all bandwidth-constrained products will see HBM3 memory as an avenue towards increased product performance. 

Below is SK Hynix’s HBM3 Press Release

SK Hynix HBM3 Memory Will Deliver 819 Gbps speeds and up to 24GB capacities

PR – SK Hynix Announces Development of HBM3 DRAM

SK hynix Inc. announced that it has become the first in the industry to successfully develop the High Bandwidth Memory 3, the world’s best-performing DRAM. HBM3, the fourth generation of the HBM technology with a combination of multiple DRAM chips vertically connected, is a high value product that innovatively raises the data processing rate.

The latest development, which follows the start of mass production of HBM2E in July last year, is expected to help consolidate the company’s leadership in the market. SK hynix was also the first in the industry to start mass production of HBM2E. SK hynix’s HBM3 is not only the fastest DRAM in the world, but also comes with the biggest capacity and significantly improved level of quality.

The latest product can process up to 819 GB (Gigabyte) per second, meaning that 163 FHD (full-HD) movies (5 GB each) can be transmitted in a single second. This represents a 78% increase in the data-processing speed compared with the HBM2E. It also corrects data (bit) errors with the help of the built-in on-die error-correction code, significantly improving the reliability of the product.

SK hynix’s HBM3 will be provided in two capacity types of 24 GB – the industry’s biggest — and 16 GB. For the 24 GB product, SK hynix engineers ground the height of a DRAM chip to approximately 30 micrometer, equivalent to a third of an A4 paper’s thickness, before vertically stacking 12 chips using the through silicon via technology.

HBM3 is expected to be mainly adopted by high-performance data centers as well as machine learning platforms that enhance the level of artificial intelligence and super computing performance used to conduct climate change analysis and drug development.

“Since its launch of the world’s first HBM DRAM, SK hynix has succeeded in developing the industry’s first HBM3 after leading the HBM2E market,” said Seon-yong Cha, Executive Vice President in charge of the DRAM development. “We will continue our efforts to solidify our leadership in the premium memory market and help boost the values of our customers by providing products that are in line with the ESG management standards.”

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