These DDR5 DIMMs from GALAX look like Lego

These DDR5 DIMMs from Galax look like Lego

GALAX’s new GAMER series DDR5 modules offer PC builders a Lego-like aesthetic  

GALAX is getting ready for the DDR5 era, and while doing so the company has decided to do things differently. With DDR5, GALAX plans to offer PC builders highly customisable DDR5 modules with their GAMER RGB DDR5 series, offering users Lego-like block connectors on top of their upcoming designs. 

DDR5 will enter the PC market this year with Intel’s Alder Lake series processors, with Galax launching memory with 4800 MHz speeds and dual-channel 16GB kits. In the future, 2x8GB and 2x32GB kits are planned. 

With their latest DIMM designs, GALAX is offering PC builders an aesthetic that is part Lego and part Tetris. Galax has previously released products with Lego-like block functions with their RTX 30 series GAMER graphics cards. using these blocks, PC builders can attach to their PCs anything they wish to make their PC unique. 

These DDR5 DIMMs from Galax look like Lego

The ARGB lighting within these new GAMER RGB series modules can be augmented using clear bricks, allowing the lights on these modules to transmit different colours to provide a unique look. These modules will be available with red and blue colour options. 

Expreview’s report on these DIMMs does not mention overclocked modules or performance levels that sit beyond DDR5’s JEDEC-4800 specifications. Like all GAMER series products from Galax, these GAMER series memory modules are expected to launch exclusively in China.

You can join the discussion on GALAX’s GAMER series DDR5 memory modules on the OC3D Forums. 

These DDR5 DIMMs from Galax look like Lego