Bambu Lab removes their A1 3D printer from sale due to heated bed safety concerns

Bambu Lab issues a warning to all A1 3D printer users and removes the product from sale

– Update – Bambu Lab have no officially recalled their A1 3D printer and have offered refunds or replacements to all users. More information is available here.

The Bambu Lab A1 has proven to be a hugely popular 3D printer, but the launch has not gone without a hitch. After the company received reports of strange heated bed behaviour, and reports that one unit caught fire, the company has removed the printer from sale and issued a warning to all users.

Owners of Bambu Lab’s A1 3D printer have received an email that has told them to “cease using the A1 for now”. The company has also released a blog post for an “A1 Heatbed Cable Callback“, explaining the problems that users have had with their A1 3D printer.

What’s wrong with the Bambu Lab A1?

Bambu has confirmed that “a very small portion of A1 printers” have damaged heated bed cables. These cables have either been damaged during transportation, during installation, or after installation. If a large force is placed on the root of the cable, it can be bent and damaged.

Damage to this cable can cause unstable readings and heating issues for the A1’s heated printing surface. If damage is severe enough, it can cause heat buildup in this area of the cable, causing it to burn and become scorched. Bambu Lab have released images of what a damaged cable can look like in their “A1 Heatbed Cable Callback” blogpost.

What about A1 mini?

No, Bambu Lab’s A1 Mini 3D printer uses a completely different design and does not have this issue. A1 Mini 3D printers are safe to use.

(Bambu Lab’s A1 is not currently available to purchase)

Is the A1 safe to use?

Bambu Lab has asked their users to cease using their A1 3D printers and check if their units have damaged cables. If you own an A1 that doesn’t have a damaged cable, your printer will be safe to use. If you do, you will need to contact Bambu support to receive a new 3D printer or a replacement cable.

We strongly advise customers with verified cable damage to refrain from operating their A1 units until the necessary repairs or replacements have been conducted. If you are willing to replace the cable by yourself, we will send you a revised replacement assembly of the heatbed (save the trouble of wiring the heatbed) in the following 2 weeks and compensation for your time invested in replacing the module. If you are not comfortable replacing the bed by yourself, we completely understand and will replace the whole printer for you.

Does Bambu Lab have a fix for existing A1 3D printers?

To safeguard existing (undamaged) A1 3D printers from future damage, Bambu Lab plans to ship a cable protector to users. This protector will protect the A1’s heatbed cable from strain and potential future damage. Future A1 3D printers will feature a newly designed heated bed cable, or a cable protector pre-installed. If you do not want to wait for a cable protector, you can 3D print one. A1 users can download a model for Bambu’s protector here and print it themselves.

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