Console Prices expected to drop before Summer hits

The Fud have got some inside sources telling them that the console wars are set to continue at lower prices.

Apparently, Microsoft are due to drop the Pro version of the Xbox 360 to $249 and Sony are set to drop down their PS3 to $299. Whether this will mean that we’ll be seeing the PS3 @ £200ish straight away is another question, but I have no doubt that retailers will eventually have to pass on these savings to the consumers.

This could cause a lot of people to jump onto the PS3 platform as I know quite a few people who want one but don’t want to spend nigh on £300.

xbox ps3

On the other hand, the 360 is so cheap that it’s almost a no-brainer…if you like that sort of red ring thing.

Going to pick this up in the spring? Or don’t care a hoot? Let us know in the forums.